Most people know Abhinav Kumar as the Trivago Brand Ambassador, commonly referred to as ‘Mr Trivago’ or ‘the Trivago guy’ in the punchline of social media memes. What people don’t know is that behind the scenes, Abhinav played an important role within Trivago as the Country Manager for India with the mission to establish and grow the brand within the market. In a data-driven and test-proven company, Abhinav overseaw and finds solutions to continue growth in a unique, mobile-dependent and responsive audience. An economics graduate from the University of Trento, Abhinav has first-hand experience in buying both online and offline media for the last seven years. Online video has been the core part of his strategy due to the huge differences between TV and internet penetration in India.
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Hello! We’re Abhinav and Marissa, the creators behind Spice and Travel.
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‘Trivago Guy’ Abhinav Kumar Talks About Life After Becoming A Meme & His Unexpected Celeb Status
When Trivago launched a new ad in 2016, they ha...
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आम तौर पर यह धारणा होती है कि अगर किसी प्रोडक्ट...